Me 4 Kidz


Healing Einas

In Style!

Healing Owies

Made Fun!

Antibacterial Wipes

For all kinds of owies and everything in-between

Ice Packs

Boo boo’s aren’t so bad with cool it buddy!

First Aid Kits

Taking care of owies can be fun

Clean it, Fix it & Send Them Off To Play


Medipro first aid pods. A new generation of first aid kits. 100 items to keep you prepared for your basic first aid needs.

Medipro First Aid Kit Pods (2 Designs)


Little Buddy antibacterial wipes. 32 gentle antibacterial wipes for all kinds of owies and everything in-between.

Little Buddy Antibacterial Wipes


Non-toxic and BPA-free, modern colour palette and kid-friendly designs. Cool It Buddy is flexible in freezing temperatures. 

Cool it Buddy Reusable Ice Packs


This first aid kit set contains 50 items. The bandages are latex free. Great for backpacks, gym lockers, purse, glove box, and baby bags.

Medibuddy First Aid Kit (8 Designs)


The Little Dudes cut + scrape kit. An easy, affordable way to be prepared when you are at the park with your kiddos. 

Little Dudes cut + scrape kit


Diaper Bag Buddy is a basic kit for babies, made from all-natural and organic items. Make travelling with babies easy and stress-free. 

Diaper Bag Buddy


Convenient 2 pack instant cold packs Non-toxic urea and water ingredients. Exceptional value, fun kid-friendly design.

Cool it Buddy Instant Ice Pack


A fun one of a kind collectable Doctor’s bag designed first aid kit. The original doctor’s bag first aid kit. 

Medibag Family First Aid Kit

Why We Are The Preferred Choice

me4kidz really do care about your child’s wellbeing just as much as you do. Your child deserves the best and that is exactly what me4kidz products offer your children. We have a variety of innovative, fun, and playful products that help parents deal with those everyday challenges that they face whenever they care for their kids’ owies.

Tested and Proven For Kidz

Our brand is a multi-award winning brand that has been tested and approved by US paediatricians and recommended by moms the world over.

Experience With Kidz

Designed by parents, the me4kidz product range is highly loved and trusted globally by moms, dads and grandparents.

We Know Kidz

Being parents, we understand the day-to-day challenges faced when it comes to first aid and the impact that harmful chemicals can have on children. me4kids offers non-toxic, BPA-free, earth-friendly, and latex-free products that offer you peace of mind.

We Do It For The Kidz

As our children are tomorrow’s pioneers, they deserve nothing but the best! me4kidz products will make those owies feel so much better because they are specifically designed for kids!

Child First Aid Products Online

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